8 Steps to Working in Singapore


Understand the local job market

Learn more about Singapore, its industries, and its working culture to decide if this is the right place for you.

Find a suitable job

After learning about Singapore’s job landscape, it’s time to start searching for a job.

Prepare and submit your resume

Once you’ve decided on the jobs to apply for, you’ll need to get started on your resume.

Go for job interviews

You will be informed once you are shortlisted for an interview.

Accept a job offer

You will need to sign an employment contract to accept a job offer.

Collect your work visa

Your employer will apply for your work visa after you have secured your job.

Relocate to Singapore

Moving overseas to live in a foreign country will require careful planning.

Apply for Permanent Residence or Citizenship

After working in Singapore for a number of years, you may be eligible for Permanent Residence and Citizenship.


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