Jobs Overview

Job Sites

Singapore offers an abundance of job opportunities at all levels. Here are other job sites to explore job openings. These job sites allow you to browse through different industries and positions available. Some of these sites also let you to submit your resume online.

Popular job sites in Singapore include:

Executive Search Firms

Executive search firms are headhunters who help client companies fill specific mid-to-high-level professional positions.

These firms usually provide an end-to-end service, including recruitment and placement. There are over 1,100 licensed employment agencies, international search agencies and Singapore executive recruitment firms.

Popular search firms include:

Other Job Search Avenues

If you have a clear idea of which companies you wish to work for, you may check out their websites and write to them directly.

Most companies advertise job vacancies online. You may also wish to check out the recruitment sections of the local newspapers, particularly The Straits Times, Singapore’s national daily English language newspaper. Companies and search firms regularly advertise their career opportunities here.

Career fairs are also a good source of information on job openings. Go to our events section for upcoming career fairs.

Some expatriate websites also give a detailed description and invaluable advice on job hunting in Singapore

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